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How To Use Wax Melts

Hey there!
If you're new to the wonderful world of wax melts, this is the perfect place to learn the basics and get started!
BUT be warned...you might just find yourself with a new obsession 😍
First things first, what is a wax melt?
Our wax melts are in snap bar form, similar to a chocolate bar. They might smell good enough to eat, but they definitely aren't edible 😉 Highly scented wax, used to fragrance your home or work space, without a wick!
You can melt your wax in either a tea light burner, similar to those used for essential oils and aromatherapy, or an electric burner if you prefer to go flameless. 
Getting Started 
  1. Choose your scent and break off 1-2 cubes from your wax bar. Take in to account the size of your burner dish, and your personal preference to how strong you like your fragrance.
  2. If using a tea light burner, light the tea light wick and place underneath, in the centre of the burner. 
  3. Change your tea lights as often as needed, until you can no longer smell the fragrance. 1-2 cubes will give you approximately 12 hours or more, and will last multiple burn times.
  4. If you haven't burned your wax for long enough to use all the scent, just allow the wax to set & re-light next time.
  5. REMEMBER - Never leave a lit burner unattended 
For Best Results
  • Use in a room with the windows closed and keep your burner away from any draughts
  • Always remove used wax from your burner before adding new wax cubes
  • Large, open plan rooms may benefit from multiple burners placed throughout to evenly fragrance the space.
I love to relax with my favourite scent and I always turn on my electric burner before my self-care routine! Close the doors and windows; let the scent melt while you have a shower or bath and have your skin-care, and a book ready to unwind!
All our wax melts are CLP compliant, meaning that we adhere to the correct health and safety labelling required by trading standards.